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At the heart of Girls on the Run of NOVA are amazing volunteers whose commitment and passion change the lives of thousands of girls each year.


Lace up your sneakers and inspire a group of girls to be strong, confident, and healthy. Teams of volunteer coaches facilitate our easy-to-follow curriculum with small groups of girls over the course of 10 weeks. Amidst the conversation, laughter, star power and energy awards, you will witness transformational change in the girls and don’t be surprised if you realize that you are positively changing as well!

Team Adelaide

Team Adelaide members are a vital resource for Girls on the Run, acting as eyes and ears out in the field. Team Adelaide volunteers are assigned specific sites and will visit each site once a season during the site’s scheduled practice time. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see the program up close.


We currently have intern opportunities each semester (Fall & Spring): a Site Management Intern, a Volunteer Management Intern and Engagement Intern. If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to

Please note: Our current intern positions are full. Our next openings will be for Fall 2021. 

5k volunteer

At the end of each season we host 5K events.  Our celebratory Girls on the Run 5K events are a true celebration of strength and accomplishment. They are only possible with our hundreds of  volunteers. Find out more about our 5K event volunteer opportunities available.

Office Support

We welcome volunteers to work in our office several days a week on a temporary basis. Volunteers answer phones, work on special projects, and provide general office support. If you have a special skill to offer, please let us know!

community ambassador

Represent GOTR NOVA at a variety of community events and outreach opportunities to connect and empower community members to start a GOTR program, volunteer to coach, or just help support girls in their community!

Pro Bono

Girls on the Run of NOVA has various projects in need of volunteers with professional skills in areas such as information technology, public relations, strategic planning, or finance. Do you have a skill that you want to provide to Girls on the Run of NOVA ?

الرعاة المحليون


الجهات الوطنية الراعية

الفتيات على المدى هو النشاط البدني التحويلية القائمة على برنامج إيجابي لتنمية الشباب للفتيات في الصف الثالث إلى الثامن. نحن نعلم المهارات الحياتية من خلال الدروس التفاعلية الديناميكية وتشغيل الألعاب. ويتوج البرنامج مع الفتيات يجري جسديا وعاطفيا على استعداد لاستكمال احتفالية 5K تشغيل الحدث. الهدف من البرنامج هو إطلاق العنان للثقة من خلال الإنجاز مع ترسيخ تقدير مدى الحياة للصحة واللياقة البدنية. الفتيات على المدى من ولاية فرجينيا الشمالية هو مجلس مستقل للبنات على المدى الدولي، الذي لديه شبكة من أكثر من 200 مجلس في جميع الولايات 50 ومقاطعة كولومبيا.


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